Online Marketing

Our online marketing services include both measures taken for improving website usability, for example maximising lead generation as well as activities for optimising both the quality and the coverage of the project. Organising workshops completes our service portfolio in the online marketing domain along with activities in the field of content marketing, social marketing and mobile marketing.



Digital marketing relates to marketing in virtually all types of industry. The significance of digital distribution channels has increased dramatically over recent decades. Online marketing is the logical consequence of the demand for target-oriented marketing strategies on the Internet. In this respect, advertising is one of the future nice sectors in amidst discussions about market potential and its development. Unimagined potential for generating messages which are focused towards target groups, and an unrivalled procession in terms of the impact of a performance review which leads to ongoing innovation in terms of technical and content domains. The progress of online marketing will not be drawing to a halt, and the Internet marketing environment is undergoing constant change.

Businesses who wish to make use of these developments successfully are faced with having to meet a number of specific challenges. The fast-paced nature and technical hurdles of the digital age do hamper a smooth transition towards existing trends, dynamics and techniques. It is only through continuous optimisation, monitoring and analysing forms of advertising, developing target groups and engaging in competition that the full potential of online marketing can be realised.



We do pursue a holistic approach as a marketing agency working in the online sector. We combine the classic mechanisms of marketing and the dissemination with modern online tools and strategies in order to meet your online objectives quickly and with certain assurance. We will support your ideas, projects and products from the outset and will also support optimisation, modification and publication during later stages. We will develop, publish, manage, customise and maximise the process of any magnitude at any time where we are required to implement plans securely.

Our services range from consulting services which focus on strategies and measures being taken along with classic style online business development using efficient search engine optimisation through to content marketing. We constantly complement and create customised marketing bundles using both elements and instruments which generate success in digital surroundings over a long period of time.

Our expertise in the field of online marketing allows us both to prepare and implement highly effective campaigns in any industry and within a competitive environment. It is not only discrete but high quality, sales-promoting marketing which strengthens your brand, your project or your product. Our holistic approach ensures the effect on all levels of impact on your own business. As one of the major areas of online marketing, we will integrate efficient strategies into existing marketing ideas and we will develop valuable campaigns with the objective of increased visibility on search engines. We combine appropriate measures with creative, editorial, technical and publicity based approaches in order to strengthen the higher positioning in search results to strengthen your branding.




Even social media marketing is considered nowadays to be a component which is required a successful marketing strategy when it comes to marketing on the Internet. The continually increasing importance of social platforms for the focus of attention among the user means that having a professional debate on the issue is essential. Due to the democratic openness and the particular dynamics, these require special measures to tap into the potential of these communication systems from a business perspective.

If we are to succeed with a corporate identity, USPs offered or products on Facebook, Twitter and Co communication, then there will always be unforeseen perspectives and lucrative opportunities. Direct communication with the target audience is worthwhile for businesses of all magnitudes and from any industry. Regional focuses, products and unique selling points can be presented here both accurately, directly, and with a certain purpose. A clearly defined target or any groups and businesses which had previously not been tapped into are addressed by messages which can be viewed quickly, directly and effectively.

Make the most of the possibilities of social media marketing and present your company to its target audience in a timely, accurate manner and with genuine quality. We can help you to realise the potential of your business via all of its relevant channels. We will pave the way for you communication activities on social platforms by adopting a coherent, targeted strategy. Advertising effects, strengthening your branding and the enormous expansion of your business range are some of the benefits that will give your business a real lift.

We will advise and support you in all aspects of professional activity on social networks. We will develop a viable concept as part of a close working relationship with you, which is based on your project allowing it to be positioned within a social media environment. Our experienced team designs solutions within the framework of budgets of all sizes and for businesses from various industry sectors. We will remain by your side from the initial consultation on the implementation any agreed measures up to and including the success of monitoring. We look forward to helping you to identify potentials and to develop them specifically for your projects. With us you get professional social media marketing which is highly effective and implemented properly.



The Internet has become an important component of our everyday lives. Mobile use here is becoming increasingly more of a focus along with people using it on their computers at home. Informing users, shopping, communicating or making applications can now be done via your own smart phone or your own tablet. This development of course means that advertisers are faced with new challenges.

The core goal must be to provide prospective customers with the right information at the right place, and to tailor this towards a suitable terminal device. This is regardless of whether this is a positioning inside an app, a regional specific advert on Google or a banner on a website to which users expect an appropriate response at any time.

Do you need help in conceptual designing and implementing an effective campaign in the field of mobile marketing? Then our certified staff will show you the existing potential and provide you with advice and practical help.




With affiliate marketing you can reach your target audience both effectively and precisely. Make use of the most effective forms of marketing on the Internet and strengthen the visibility and impact mechanism of your projects. Increase your sales with by setting targets to win marketing partners. We will support you throughout the process of selecting the right affiliate system and help to integrate them into your sales activities effectively. You can complete your existing marketing plan and expand your mix to a precise instrument. We will analyse the commercial situation of your project and help develop appropriate solutions for using an affiliate system. We will work in close coordination with you to find out what terms and conditions suit your projects. Your promotional materials can be positioned specifically on partner sites which reach out to your potential clients. We design compensation models which guarantee absolute security in terms of costs. It is possible to achieve so much, even with modest budgets.

We will help you to develop the right affiliate marketing for your project. Numerous systems and providers are available for the targeted promotion of your products, services and content. The correct choice of payment terms and the positioning process are what determines the success of an affiliate campaign. If it is possible to position your advertising in the right places with meaningful conditions, then these types of programs can dramatically improve your sales position.

Our experienced team will assist you in the conception and execution of affiliate campaigns and always knows the best routes and systems in order to meet your objectives. We can create customised programs which are tailored perfectly to your situation. Our full-service offer allows a seamless connection to other measures and provides strategic and comprehensive support for your projects. A precise analysis precedes any development work and ensures the greatest possible success for your affiliate campaign. Based on the knowledge we have gained from this, we will then design meaningful commission models and positive positioning strategies. From designing the advertising material to the long-term support of your actions, we will help you to strengthen your sales on the Internet via affiliate marketing.



SEO, SEM, social media marketing and now even content marketing?!

The world of online marketing is almost incomprehensible to many decision-makers and members of staff in businesses from other sectors. Despite this situation, everybody can but of course does not want to do without taking measures in online marketing.

Because the time which is often required to obtain "know-how" lacks sufficient knowledge in terms of individual study, we are able to offer you the opportunity to visit our workshops based on the subjects mentioned above. Whether it be for beginners and advanced account managers, we will prepare some knowledgeable and interesting material on various topics and will put together a range of useful tips, tricks and promising strategies.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you be interested. We will look forward to giving you a deeper insight into the world of online marketing, and will be able to make the first steps for you as easy as possible.


You need to maximise your Online Marketing Measures?


We will advise you in achieving your business plans, develop tailor-made marketing strategies and implement these in close consultation with you. We will provide you with innovative ideas, individual solutions, effective measures and a high-precision performance review - all under one roof.

Our wide range allows you to develop an effective marketing mix for your commercial activities on the Internet.

Whether it be individual measures, development or strategic support from design through to a performance review: Our offer in the online marketing paves successes, and is innovative, experienced and competent.