Content Marketing

We generate high-quality and interesting content and use it specifically for meeting the target customer’s interests. An impossible task!? re7consulting allows you to reach the relevant target group and to convince them about your project through meaningful actions.


Content Marketing is a term with multiple uses and interpretations in online marketing. The fact that Content Marketing has established itself among experts is partly due to the demand for the Off Page Search Engine Optimization. Instead of focusing on purchasing links, marketers focus on an organic growing backlink profil – a strategy that pays off.

Content Marketing can provide support for you as a business basis for bringing your target group closer to your individual portfolio or your products. However, the communication does not occur – as it usually does in marketing – at a sales-oriented level, but rather at an informational, advisory and entertainment level. If you take this communication path into consideration, we can provide comprehensive support in designing it. If Content Marketing is currently not used as a marketing channel, you should at least think about it in principle. re7consulting can disclose why.


For sure, you are familiar with the following situation: your service or your product offers a reasonable benefit to your customers, and they are pleased. But based on your target group definition and segmentation, you know that there still are numerous potential new customers in the market? The only question is how to get these possible new customers interested in your services or your products, even though you already play on various channels in your (Online-) Marketingmix. Often the solution is Content Marketing.

Subsequently, the generated and published content is unfortunately random chosen. Its function is sometimes questionable or its application raises false expectations. Therefore, we ask: What are your expectations from Content Marketing? What do you really want and can achieve? Content Marketing poses many more other questions and answers, which raise more questions in turn. Therefore, have you already found the intention of this text? Correct: It shows you how important it is to question the usefulness of the offered content in Content Marketing, in order to satisfy your entrepreneurial expectations and target group specific needs. re7consulting helps you analyze and define expectations and objectives for Content Marketing in order to create content based on these findings.

Especially important for succeeding in Content Marketing is the internal corporate, cross-sectoral cooperation between all departments – not just in the context of Online Marketing. We support you to coordinate this cooperation and raise awareness. Let us create together informational, advisory and entertaining content based not only on the Black-Box, but also on cross-departmental experience. What can your sales team give us with respect to target group characteristics along the way, and how can these target group related experiences be really taken into account? How can the new content for search engines be optimally prepared – both in the SEA, as well as in the SEO field? Can Link baits be initiated? In which social media marketing channels is the concerned content relevant and thus interesting for the target group? Publishing a text with pictures and videos on the company’s blog is by no means the measure of all things, and it is even less representative for Content Marketing.


In Content Marketing it is important to promote informative orientated, rather than advertised. We like to check your previous attempts to create content, and show you as an independent third party, to which extent did your content comply with this premise. If you haven’t been active in Content Marketing yet, we can make recommendations based on numerous successful and unsuccessful examples or use them as inspiration for your own creation.

An essential part of Content Marketing is not only the creation of content, but also its publication (also called seeding). Let’s analyze together through which internal and external channels can our content be promoted. Do you have a newsletter? Are there any partners who can help us? Do you know due to your social media profiles any multipliers, to whom your content should be shown first? Can the PR department, for example, provide useful contacts to journalists who could mention our informational content in newspapers as well as magazines? Do these (multipliers) operate, in the best scenario, their own websites, which could serve our purposes? Consider these seeding ideas only as a fragment of the possible.


Attention, awareness, leads, new customers – entirely correct. Is that really so? Aren’t there also various target dimensions in Content Marketing? The fact is that informational and entertaining content doesn’t necessarily serve to achieve sales or to generate contact inquiries. Content Marketing rather contributes decisively to the creation of contact points between your target groups and your company. Typical forms of content in Content Marketing are the well-known texts, pictures, videos, podcasts and infographics. But would you, as unprejudiced user immediately use a service just because you have seen an infographic? It is therefore understandable that Content Marketing helps to prepare leads and conversions.


These rather – but not exclusively – preparatory characteristics of Content Marketing naturally create valuable synergies. This may affect your already taken or envisaged steps for search engine marketing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, mobile marketing or for marketing via iOS and Android apps.

As a full service online marketing agency, re7consulting certainly offers these benefits, which is why we take into consideration Content Marketing in the holistic context of the online marketing mix.