Lead generation

Contact inquiries and sales are two important factors in performance-oriented online marketing. By using the right strategy and the right landing page, you can significantly improve and optimize your target levels. re7consulting helps you in the design, implementation and improvement of these actions.


Lead generation describes attracting prospective customers in the corporate context, and here, in particular, finding out their personal data. In the context of online marketing, potential customers are meant to be those whose contact details you can get by a variety of online channels – if you tighten the right screws. Would you like to sell services on the Internet? Is it your entrepreneurial interest to contact potential customers via the Internet? Do you want to convert prospective customers into real new customers? Then lead generation is certainly an essential matter, in which re7consulting supports you.


As an online marketing agency with many years of professional experience, we advise, conceptualize and take relevant actions for lead generation. We concern ourselves not only with recommending proven actions and implementing them at your side, but also with matching your wishes with the needs of your target group(s). Which channel is the most relevant for which target group? Does a channel mix sound promising? Which action plan is most likely to generate leads for your business? It is best to start with a joint workshop and elicit your entrepreneurial objectives in order to answer these questions.

Finally, while generating leads it is less crucial to generate as many as possible, rather  than to create high quality ones. In order to do that, it is essential to select the right channels for the right interest groups and to initiate appropriate actions. Depending on the goal, the definition of high-quality leads can differ. However, the actual definition is the criterion for success.

So, for example, the criteria for success in social media marketing can be symbolized by the already classic white paper, for the affiliate marketing it can be coupon-campaigns and for search engine marketing it can be discounts for choosing certain shipping options for online orders. Nevertheless, the direct benefit to your business is different. On the one hand, potentially successful outcomes of establishing contacts obviously allow you to adapt to other marketing channels under certain circumstances. On the other hand, you may experience revealing behaviors, which shape clear conclusions about customer preferences, which in turn can be used for your commercial activities. So let’s combine your ideas with ours and use them to create profitable actions for lead generation! Perhaps we managed to already awaken your interest in re7consulting?

If the answer is yes, and you want to get in touch with us, you will overcome a major obstacle in the context of our lead generation. Do you know how you can most effectively use the information gained to reach prospective customers? Do you have, as a small or medium-sized company, a meaningful guidance or at an idea for the communication with customers? Are your employees capable of converting the prospective customers into real – at best, long-term – ones? This second part of lead generation is also essential. Therefore, with re7consulting you can prepare the basis for efficiently processing the obtained customer data! We advise you to be comprehensive not only in terms of action initiation for lead generation, but also in dealing with the information, which becomes known to prospective customers.


On the market there are numerous specific online marketing tools that will assist you in tracking and interpreting generated leads. You can, for example, use social media monitoring tools or web tracking services to draw valuable conclusions about user’s behavior, in order to:

  • have a goal-oriented basis for discussion in establishing contacts,
  • optimize information processing after establishing contacts or
  • simply separate irrelevant informations from the relevant ones in order to choose the appropriate service.

If you need assistance in terms of lead management, we are, of course, always happy to support you with our cross-industry experience.


re7consulting basically provides all aspects of online marketing. These include actions for search engines, content and mobile marketing, search engine optimization, as well as social media and affiliate marketing. We pay special attention to your corporate benefits. Tell us your ideas about lead generation, so we can shape our online marketing concepts based on them.

Do you plan on placing advertisements in search engines like Google? Then re7consulting will gladly manage any campaigns, especially in this field. Would you like to improve your website for organic search? In this case we rest on the structure and the substantial composition of contents for search engine optimization in order to achieve successful lead generation on your website. Is it urgent to prepare your website for mobile users? We are happy to design an adequate user guide for you, so that surfing habits of your new and prospective customers can be easily adapted, depending on the device used.


Regardless of whether you want to use only individual channels or all of your online marketing mix at once, in order to generate leads, you can trust re7consulting in registering maximum benefits and a positive ROI (return on investment). We take care of individual marketing channels by developing ideas and continuously working with you in order to generate leads.