Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is available on many platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Xing, and provides great possibilities and potentials for companies to reach their customers in order to communicate with them or to attract new customers.

Many companies do not realize that the goals they can achieve through social media marketing are wide spread. Most common approach observed is to address only customer communication. However, some platforms provide unique approaches for recruitment purposes, or development of new products. Also use social media channels essentially for market research in order to improve your processes in the company. Even advertisements can be very interesting for some companies, because they can accurately address your target audience, or for a small budget publish your most interesting posts on Facebook, or display ads. Each platform has its particularities and features, which you should come to know before activating them.

Communication is carried out according to its own rules and this could be the reason why so many companies have bad experiences with Social Media. Companies need to communicate authentically and honestly in the social web. They should be open to new ideas and face-to-face communication. Since these communication principles are fundamentally different from other customer communication in most companies, social media can quickly become a threat for the company, for example, through a so-called Shitstorm on Facebook. And as long you don’t offer your followers any added value through your posts, a commitment to the social media channels will not bring success to your company.


Finding the right social media platforms

Of course you can use any existing social media platform at any time. But are the expenses equal to your business benefits? Many prospective customers, who want to enter into social media marketing, underestimate the strategic and operational effort which this area requires. For this reason re7consulting focuses on selected social media channels right from the beginning. With our extensive market analysis you can choose only the platforms which are the most promising for your business.

Our services in Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing requires communication with its customers on exe level. Are you wondering what eye level means with respect to your target audience(s)? re7consulting finds it out for you! We analyze existing social media platforms, your business sector, your business itself and your target audience in order to determine the promising communication channels for your business purposes.

If you are already active in social media marketing, we can offer you practical tips on improving your communicative actions in a medium, which is strongly determined by the behavior of your customers. Trust re7consulting in the matter of social media marketing because we can provide you with the following services:


Why is re7consulting YOUR agency for Content Marketing…

But selection of the right social media platforms is not the only essential matter. It’s much more important to fill them with valuable content and avoid sharing less meaningful Off-Topic subjects. One can’t “not  communicate nothing”, according to Paul Watzlawick. Therefore, your content on the social web should always provide added value to your followers. Social Media Marketing can be a very helpful tool to combine content marketing with the advertising of meaningful content. Offer your customers insight into the company, the story behind your products and services or write about the latest developments in your industry.

With our ideas for the original marketing of your business goals in social media, you have the necessary professionalism required in communication over the social web. We guarantee that you always give fresh impulses in social media marketing. Would you like, for example to share the basis of your goals on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube, Pinterest or on your blog? Then contact re7consulting today and ask for your individual offer for social media marketing initiatives!