Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is an essential part of the business’s marketing mix. As a “Google” and “Bing” certified agency, we will support you in various measures designed to generate relevant visitors and to optimise your visibility on the Internet. In addition to the activities involved with SEO consultancy, we will provide support for search engine advertising, search engine optimisation, and we specialise in analysing and optimising your landing pages.


Search engines are valuable sources of information for users, especially via Google. They provide knowledge which is required, support research and promote decision-making processes relating to the purchase of products and in relating to the use of services on the Internet. Meeting users at this moment in time is desirable and worthwhile and is also financially relevant.

We will help you to identify the correct line of approach in order to dispute any relevant routes to overcome any hurdles which you may face. How? Well re7consulting not only has broad expertise in the context of search engine marketing (SEM). Our expertise in this division of online marketing is based on a number of years of experience that has not only taught us all about the possibilities mentioned above, but it also helped us learn about the restrictions of marketing measures for search engines.

If you are interested in our services, then we can offer you the following in terms of marketing for search engines:

  • Designing, supporting and evaluating Google AdWords, shopping and remarketing campaigns
  • Creating concepts for search engine optimisation (SEO)
  • Advice in designing your SEO measures
  • Optimising landing pages of your website
  • Evaluating any marketing activities via tracking tools such as Google Analytics
  • SEO analysis and recommendations for your website or your online store
  • Verification and optimisation instructions for your SEM measures



re7consulting can offer you a professional design of your SEO and SEA measures. As a certified Google partner and as a certified Bing agency you can rely on a competent advice, consistent concepts and on the quality of implementation of search engine marketing activities.

Are you, for example, looking for a reliable partner to help manage your Google AdWords campaigns? Then please contact us for a zero obligation consultation. The same also applies for the rest of your shopping, and remarketing campaigns. Or do you require professional assistance in the search engine optimisation of your website or an e-commerce project? Then we will continue to support you with our SEO based expertise.



When a user enters a relevant keyword about your business into Google, it does not necessarily mean that Google will list your domain in the top ten or in any subsequent search engine result pages (SERPs). The list is very much dependent on the relevance as judged by Google. Is your website or your online shop giving out the right signals for you? Can Google ever (technically speaking) understand what topics you are using?

The SEO experts at re7consulting not only give a definition from a content perspective, but they also provide the right strategy from a technical viewpoint. A technically perfect website forms the basic prerequisite for the optimisation of the entire website for search engines. The content based aspect is of course immensely important, however, it does require a very firm technical architecture.



re7consulting will gladly accept the concept of an SEO strategy for your business. Similarly, we offer also standard SEO consultancy. Do you already have a basic idea of search engine optimisation or maybe you require a qualified assessment when it comes to making strategic decisions? Our long-standing expertise in search engine optimisation means we can advise you adequately.

In addition to this, you may instruct us to take a closer look at your website or online store. As part of an SEO audit we would be happy to investigate the degree to which your website has already been optimised for search engines. We will perform important on-page and off-page metrics, and highlight any potential risks, and also give you some useful hints for improving the level of your search engine optimisation. For the SEO analysis, we use self-evident professional SEO tools which provide us with genuine insights. Therefore, we can always make informed and objective statements. Are you interested? Then please do get in touch with us. We look forward to you making contact!



Did you know which marginal changes to a web page on your website or online store can have a profitable impact on how a user behaves? This can help to arrange the elements differently, to change the colours of buttons to position contact information so that it is displayed prominently, or so that it shows information which is crucial to making a purchase. It is for this reason that landing page optimisation forms the scope of re7consulting. It is the context of our philosophy to offer a holistic online marketing services portfolio, and to allow the implementation of vital information for A/B testing which will substantially improve your levels of online performance over the long-term.

We would like to suggest that by no means is it just optimisations which are based on our experience. That isn’t the case. It is our intention to recommend improvements also by stating certain facts. This procedure has proven itself not only in the field of search engine optimisation and search engine marketing on Google AdWords, but also within the context of landing page optimisation. Should the performance of subject pages on your website or the product pages of your online store be restricted, then certain tests can generate and identify essential findings, which are also positive when in reverse format to both SEO and SEA.

This therefore improves landing pages optimised in terms of SEO among other key indicators (KPIs) such as the duration of the visit or the return to SERP rate. These give particularly strong clues for Google as to whether the user was satisfied with the result of the SERPs they have clicked on or not. Do your websites fulfil the potential expectations of users? Should this not be so, then you can provide Google with lower signals as alternative websites.. And these alternatives could for example be your main competitor. Do you really want to wait even longer in order to organise your landing pages?



In addition, landing page optimisation also affects the positioning of search engine ads in a positive way. On the landing pages of your search engine advertiser the user is able to find information which is required both quickly and securely, meaning that this has an overall impact on the landing page experience. This forms an essential function of these benefits, especially with Google AdWords campaigns: The quality factor.  If the quality factor is high, then you need to pay potentially less for one click in search ads. This is in order to circumvent any unnecessary budget shortages or to purposely invest in any available budget. Accordingly, the landing page optimisation for SEA possesses a particularly useful character. We of course will be happy to advise you should you have any questions on this subject.

If you are already switching search engine ads for Google or Bing, then you can also feel free to contact us for evaluating the re7consulting performance. We will examine your campaign(s) from A-Z as part of our SEM audits. Is your campaign generally well structured? The campaign structure can already deliver a verdict about success or failure. Are your ad texts or banners meaningful (enough)? The wrong intentions in the ad text will mean that you do not reach your clients in full, and that the budget will be wasted. Under what circumstances are keywords you have entered generating competition? With internal competition there is a danger that you will reduce the basic performance of your ads without this being necessary. Therefore please do trust us to undertake an analysis of your campaign accounts. We will give you competent and solution based hints for optimising your search engine advertising.

And of course, it forms part of the scope of re7consulting, search engines ads from scratch to design, implementation, evaluation and monitoring. We can also accompany you step by step in order to facilitate your initial stages of search engine marketing and can provide professional guidance from the outset. Nothing is more detrimental that deploying counter-defined objectives as part of a campaign budget. For this reason, we will analyse any objectives and conditions for search engine marketing in conjunction with you. Only during the second step do we take similar measures for search advertising. Of course we will keep you updated on the performance of your search engine ads as they happen. You will receive transparent and comprehensible reports on a regular basis, which we will explain in detail during a personal meeting. Please place your trust in us and we will meet your expectations, experience has shown that this will be to your full satisfaction. Contact us now to arrange a no-obligation consultation with the SEM experts from re7consulting.