Design & Technology

In addition to our focus on online marketing segments and search engine marketing, we also offer our customers high-quality and efficient solutions in both creative and technical domains. Along with designing appropriate strategies and the implementation of innovative design, we program user-oriented websites and online shops, mobile apps and individual solutions which meet your expectations and requirements at any given time.


Responsive web design is the technical response to the changes of user behaviour on the Internet. The relative proportion of users who no longer have access with just a desktop PC is growing, but it is also increasing consistently with people accessing your website or online store using a tablet or a smartphone. Responsive web design within this context stands for a dynamic adaptation of web page layouts which maintain requirements of the terminal being used without content being retained individually for each terminal device. Therefore, please check whether your access numbers require reoccurring with your web analytics tool associated with any subsequent adjustments to your web design. We would be happy to support you here or subsequently during the design and implementation of a responsive design for your website or online store. Incidentally: Current forecasts predict that more than half of all users will access from a mobile device by the end of 2016. Are you already on the starting blocks to follow this trend and can therefore meet client demands sufficiently in the future?

re7consulting will help you change your current optionally static web design or is able to do so by creating a completely new responsive web design which includes the following services:

  • a strategic design of the user guide, which takes into account modern user behaviour perfectly
  • creation of a responsive web design based on your existing corporate design
  • creation of a new corporate design
  • logo and brand development for stringent communication on the web and for translating the idea of a responsive web design
  • designing (responsive) advertising materials or a photo gallery for your website or online store

You may also have already read about the alternatives to responsive web design: Dynamic serving and two separate websites: one for desktop users and for mobile users. Here is a brief explanation of dynamic serving: This means that when a user starts to query access as to whether the access has been provided via a desktop PC, a tablet or via a smartphone. It then determines the terminal device, the corresponding HTML and CSS code so that the user displays optimal design for him/her. But, you guessed it, in return for responsive web design this involves considerable additional expenditure for the development and implementation of web design. The vast majority prefer Google for using responsive web design, the most important search engine in Germany with a market share of cover 90 percent. Make sure that you use a responsive web design, and you seem more trustworthy in the eyes of Google. And this implies a positive effect not only in the search engine optimisation of your website or online store, but also on behalf of the search engine advertising (Google AdWords, Google Remarketing, Google Shopping).



We are of course developing responsive web design in your content management system (CMS). Do you also need a reliable partner for the technical management of your website or your online store? Then you can rely on years of experience in intersectoral CMS development and design integration both in terms of nationally and internationally popular CMS systems. So take advantage of the proven expertise of re7consulting with reference to the following content management systems:

  • TYPO3
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Shopware

Content management systems for you as a customer have a decisive advantage whereby the maintenance of content for you and your staff is made more simple. This is because it essentially carries out the maintenance of your website with the standard editors integrated into the CMS back end. You may however quickly reach their limits, where you do not find a satisfactory, attractive solution without any programming knowledge or you may continue to lose the stringency of the designed web from website to website as a result of maintenance errors. For this reason, we will work for you in developing your content management system known as content elements or we can configure individual concepts on your behalf. This means that we can guarantee that every single web page of your website from your previously created (responsive) web design. Please do get in touch should you wish to find out further information about the development of CMS systems. During a consultation period, we can define the requirements and elicit solutions and cost estimates together with you purely on that basis.



If you are planning to create special customer solutions, then you have just found the right people in re7consulting. Our portfolio not only ultimately includes the creation of web and corporate design, and the development and configuration of content management systems, but it also includes individual programming of your company's internal and external concepts. Do you for instance require an event for a separate registration portal for your clients? Is there the need to program a back end so that client requests for your employees can be processed more efficiently? Do you urgently need an interface between the ERP and shop system as part of your e-commerce project? Well we can answer these and other questions with our expertise in the individual programming of client and commercial computing solutions. Provided that this is geared towards looking for a competent and long-term partner, the development experts at re7consulting are available for a zero obligation consultation period.



The fact that the importance of smartphones has increased in our daily life nowadays means that you may not be up to date with security. The majority of our population uses them, and, of course, are also using applications (apps). Would you like to offer potential new clients or existing clients of yours a new app with added value, and be able to track specific operational, tactical or strategically orientated corporate objectives? Then re7consulting will be happy to help you both customise and develop the design your app for iOS and Android. We will create the following applications for you upon request:

  • Hybrid mobile apps
  • Mobile web apps
  • Multi-channel apps

We will clarify this in advance together to find out what your objectives are for the envisaged application, and what expectations your target audience(s) demand from an app, given the app needs to be designed based on findings in order for it ultimately to succeed. Nothing could be more irritating than to have used this as a resource for app development, even the half way point of the app is only marginal. We would like to emphasise our focus in terms of app development even more clearly: It is the unconditional desire of re7consulting not only to program an iOS and/or Android app for you, but also to generate long term usage for you. Be it for instance for purposes of customer communications, lead generation, or for promoting images.